Valentine's Date Uhuru park

Weird reasons why Kenyans love going to uhuru park to get intimate

A Nairobi man was slapped with a fine of Sh1,500 or serve a jail term of one month for having sex at Uhuru Park grounds in broad Daylight.

The man identified as Maina was showcasing his sexual prowess on Joyce Wanjiku before his luck vamoosed.

Here are the reasons why some Kenyans love getting intimate in open fields such as Uhuru Park.

Mr Maina arrested for getting intimate in broad daylight at Uhuru Park

  1. It is free
    Let’s be realistic no one will charge you for sleeping on the grass or on a bench especially if they do not know that the reason you are there is for a sexual escapade. So why waste Ksh 2500 on dingy lodging in town when you can easily get a room for free under the sun/moon.
  2. There is no rush: We all know that hotel rooms work on a scheduleMost hotels charge you according to the hours you spend. The problem comes in when a man has a libido higher than Mt Everest but pockets flat than a tarmacked road.

    So what is a man to do unaenda tu Uhuru Park where you can get ‘fully serviced’.

    Gents, stop milking your baby makers! Urologists warn about jelqing

  3. No condoms: We all know that most men hate using condoms. Even when you have them on your hands a man will always find an excuse not to use one.One advantage of using an open field for such escapades for a man is that he will comfortably say ‘Babe unajua hakuna chemist karibu?’.

    Just like that, he will enjoy raw ‘goods’.

  4. No need to clean up: The other silly but realistic reason why people love romping on open fields such as Uhuru Park is that there is no need to clean up.You have probably heard the phrase ‘Thie ukiumaga (Go drying)’ well it applies perfectly in this case.

    You finish with your business and go drying.

    The final reason why people love open fields is that some men are so broke to even afford a post-coital meal.

    Thus Uhuru Park works just fine for the rendezvous.

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