You expect me to be a skinny a* b*ch…?! Shakilla harshly responds to pregnancy rumours

For the longest time I have known Shakilla, the socialite has been curvaceous. But it seems that some fans might think that there is more to her size now than meets the eye.

The controversial media personality is now at loggerheads with some of her fans and followers after they questioned whether she was pregnant due to her recent weight gain.

This is after the 19-year-old has been posting multiple videos while out of the country for a while now. However, she shut down the rumours hard during an Instagram Q and A, saying that she was just enjoying good money.

“Wow, so this is a question that I’ve been asked by so many people. Okay. So, first of all, I wasn’t pregnant, I am not pregnant and I’m not getting pregnant any time soon.”

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About her weight, Shakilla replied to her fans by saying,

”What the hell did you expect me to do? You expect me to be a skinny a* b*ch…? That’s not going to happen when I’m enjoying good money. No, I’m going to add weight because it’s mine and it’s my body.”

One should expect that type of confidence from her answer as Shakilla is a woman who doesn’t mind speaking her truth so much so that in the past she had admitted that she has “been with” over 97 men, and none of them was Kenyan.

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