Weezdom and Nicah the Queen in the leaked photo

Weezdom speaks about leaked bedroom photo between him Dr. Ofweneke’s ex

Weezdom has been on a tear this past month, revealing some things about fellow celebs that not only raise eyebrows but call into question his motives.

‘RIP EMB! cries Weezdom says ‘fakeness and hatred in gospel industry’ led to Bahati’s fall

The musician who recently quit gospel music, has now come clean about the leaked bedroom photo of him and Dr. Ofweneke’s ex Nicah the Queen.

Dr Ofweneke and Niccah
Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah in the past

The photo which was released in December 2019, caused a huge hullabaloo as people questioned how the two had ended up in such a compromising position. Speaking when he appeared on Chat Spot, the singer said that he does not know who leaked the pictures online.


The singer claimed that he had dated Nicah, but didn’t want to make the affair public as he respected Nicah and Dr Ofweneke whom he see’s as a big brother.

“Kama nishawai kuwa na yeye, nilikuwa na yeye lakini the fact that time nilikuwa na yeye hakuna mahali niliwahi sema na hakuna mahali niliwahi post nikumaanisha kuna respect enye nampea na kuna respect napea msee mwenye alikuwa nay eye. Narespect sana Dr Ofweneke ni bro yangu mkubwa ni msee amenisupport and that’s why hata time nilikuwa na Nicah sikuwahi taka kujionesha niko naye kwa hivyo kwenye hio picha ilitoka, hata mimi najiulizanga ilitoka wapi,” said Weezdom.

Dr Ofweneke and Niccah
Dr Ofweneke and Niccah in the past

He added that everyone has a past, and that it sometimes comes back to haunt us in one way or another.

“Kila msee ako na past na past ikiamua kukuhaunt hakuna kitu unaweza fanya mimi kitu ilinichekesha ni kuona wasee wa Gospel wakisema ati ni mimi nataka kutrend kwani naweza kuwa mjing aje intake kutrend na kitu kama hio wakati niko kwa relationship wakati nina mamangu kwa mtandao inamfikia,” added Weezdom.


In another photo, he was seen holding Nicah’s bo*bs from behind as they posed for the photos. Check out the video of Weezdom’s interview below:

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