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‘We will end up in a hole we can’t get out of’ Kenyans cry over corruption

Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa is in the spotlight over suspected fraudulent dealings, however, details are still scant.

Echesa was arrested on Thursday and taken to the DCI Headquarters located in Kiambu Road.

His vehicles have also been impounded including a Range Rover.

He is facing charges over fake tender firearm deal amounting to Sh39 billion.

This case seemed to accelerate anger Kenyans have towards the handling of corruption cases.

Classic 105’s Maina and Kingangi opened up discussion about corruption frankly asking Kenyans:

we are talking about corruption, the monster , and if you are a parent with a child, when you think about your child when they are 18, what kind of a country will they inherit? they will blame you parents, no one else, coz what we are doing right now we are eating their future,

Hizi cases tumeona hazitaisha (these corruption cases don’t seem to be ending) , Mwalimu chimed in with Maina adding that ‘we should investigate, arrest and remove from office immediately. Are you guys worried, or do we adapt to it and become like Nigeria, coz Nigeria is just a mess or are we already there? 

Maina even added his experience last Christmas in Rwanda, where corruption is non existent.

I met a policeman there in Rwanda over Christmas, and I asked him if I give you 100k will you take it? The cop told me no, why should I, did I wok for it?

Unbelievable right? Phone lines were opened up for Classic listeners to give their opinions. They aired their frustration at what they call a system that doesn’t work.

and convicting laws because they know they will be the first to face the noose..The system has been curved to rig bright minds out of it and let garbage flourish. Even in churches. There’s need a clean from top to bottom. Not the other way round.

Unfortunately DCI strategy is reversed: i.e arrest, remove, investigate.

Name and shame

Hard Time Kamiti… Only detergent… And get rid of all these Corrupt Judges.

Voters are the ones who vote in corrupt leaders because they easily sweet talk them during election campaigns

Mimi naona kama enzi ya MOI, if someone is not performing news za 1pm zinapita na yeye. Kesi baadaye

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