‘We use old mattresses during our menses’, street girls sadly narrate

Jahmby Koikai this year came out pleading with Always brand manager to help street girls by distributing sanitary towels for free to them.

This came after a video was shared on the struggles street girls go through trying to access sanitary towels. With poverty being the biggest hindrance, the women shared heartbreaking ordeals of the tricks they use to absorb their menstrual blood.

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The first says

“I usually use sunny girl pads and when I can’t afford I tear my old T-shirts and use them as pads. When things are too thick I even cut my mattress and use it or even stay without using a pad opting to just let the blood stain my pants.”

If you think that is heartbreaking enough, listen to what the next lady had to say

“I usually use pieces of mattress and its a hard task especially when the flow is heavy adding the fact that the tummy is also hurting. There are pads worth 10 shillings but it is better to use a mattress given that the pads don’t stay in place and by morning one is already stained with blood since the pad fell off.”


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She adds

“We are even at a risk of being raped by male street boys and you can only get help if you decide to freely give in, if you are a woman with no morals the male use you the way they please. We wish someone could just come to our aid and help us street girls.”

This story seems to have touched Jahmby Koikai and below is her plea

“Please go to Facebook and watch how our sisters in the ghetto are dealing with menstruation and the pain that comes along with it. I’d also like to kindly ask Always Pads Brand Manager to help our sisters with pads. They’re also in need of painkillers. They have menstruation disorders just like I do. This pain doesn’t care. It cuts across. Sasa nisaidieni tutafute Always Managers we tag them so our sisters in Majengo can get help. If you would like to buy pads for the girls there’s information on the Facebook Page. I’d also kindly urge you to buy Always or good quality pads for them because the rest as they say cause inflammation as we have all experienced.”


The next time you want to complain about how bad your pads are just remember that these girls cannot even afford some, so just learn to be grateful.

Click on the link below to watch the heartbreaking stories

How street Women In Kenya Deal With Periods

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