Kenyan men – We prefer housemaids because they are natural like kienyeji chicken

Kenyan men have confessed that they sleep with maids because they are natural in all ways.

Apparently women who smell naturally as opposed to those who wear perfume give men more stamina in anticipation for twa twa.

This discussion was generated on Classic 105 after a story of a domestic worker denying stealing money from her employer and insisting that her male employer paid her Sh800,000 for good twa twa.

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Ruth Khaecha, was jailed on Friday for three years. She was found with Sh800k from her boss, but she claimed it was pay for good lungula.

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She testified in court on January 15th this year denying she stole Sh1.3 from her employer Paul Mwangi at Balozi Estate in Muthaiga.

Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga found Khaecha guilty of stealing from Mwangi and sentenced her to three years in prison.

During the trial, the 28-year-old househelp said, “I played my role well in bed.”

Maina asked men why they prefer maids, giving his opinion that ‘I thought we were done with this thing of househelps’.

Many men who called in told Maina Kageni that men prefer natural women and not the ones with makeup and lots of perfume.

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Here are some confessions:

You see we are being told to eat natural food because that is what is good. and housegirls like natural food are very tasty, they give you a nice time, leave these girls of town. The natural smell is the one that makes the machine wake up so if a woman is smelling perfume they can’t entice you, that’s why men go with maids they have a natural smell, they entice men. We have been told to eat natural food and any woman that is natural is attractive, that is what attracts a human being, like kienyeji chicken, that is why men go with housemaids, that is what makes men perform.

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Another added

we like natural ladies, its true, leave perfume, and makeup, these things kill us, the natural women are soothing to us men, because I had one from shags and from town, and the one from town it takes me time to twa twa with her, the natural odor works better for men

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