“We meet 5 times a day” Adoring wife shares about co worker hubby


Working with your spouse is a delightful experience that one woman told Classic 105 audiences who were skeptical about it.

The wife told that she and her husband are cab drivers working together as they conquer their career goals together.

If you want a heavy dose of relationship advise, the wisdom is right here.

“I’m an uber driver and so is my spouse. We hook up many times a day, then we eat and wash our cars together as we plan how to go home. I love working with him, it’s not bad. We meet five times in a day”

A disbelieving King’ang’i demanded to know how this was possible in Nairobi. She responded “yes in this Nairobi alafu kama hakuna kazi tuinatoka nje ya parking, we go and wash our cars, there is alot to talk about  the whole day like the crazy clients, and the chums we have made that day”.love pic

Another woman however disagreed saying in the police force this is not possible owing to suspicion of marital affairs.  She said “Pande yetu sisi askari huwa tunaprefer we don’t work at the same place coz you can be assigned amale colleague and your husband worries alot if you are having an affair, coz fikira za watu ni tofauti ndio unaona askari wanapigana risasi coz of insecurity feelings”

A doctor called in and said owing to his practice and workign closely with clients of the opposite gender, suspicion will always arise and so he would prefer not to work with his spouse.

A matatu driver also called in painting a situation where the conductor is the wife and she is slapped by an angry passenger. “unaeza pata abiria apige conductor ngumi can you imagine if it is your wife, hiyo ni noma buda”

Her words prompted Mwalimu King’ang’i to point out that ‘lazima mtakosana” to insist that couples working together is a nightmare.

Dear Classic 105 fam, does working alongside your spouse work?

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