‘We loved watching TV with you’ Moi grandsons final eulogy

The late Moi’s grandson Clint moved mourners when he recounted how Mzee spent time with his grandkids in a loving way.

Clint, one of the grandsons of the late Moi, delivered an emotional eulogy at Kabarak University Wednesday February 12.

Clint is the son of the late Jonathan Moi – who died in 2019, and in a speech to mourners he said

I stand here before you with mixed emotions for me today. He was a man of such great stature

daniel moi state funeral 3

He added that

he was many things to many people,
to me he was just simply guga I am privileged to be his first grandson. I was lucky to grow under his tutelage, for us his grandchildren, he instilled in us ambition, and love of Jesus, as he took his final vow he was and remains a hero,

I will miss many things, like just sitting with him watching tv in silence, watching national geographic

you were singing your favorite hym. I will mis syou gogo, travel well,

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