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We have no Christmas plans – Kenyans tell Maina about zero expectations

When life throws you lemons make lemonade.

Maina and co host Mwalimu Kinga’gni had a major disagreement about Kenyans not planning to do anything for Christmas because of brokenness.

Maian was of the opinion that Kenyans should make lemonade when life hands them lemons, and this didn’t sit well with Mwalimu who said ‘hata oesa ya lemons hatuna’.

Mwalimu got alot of support from Classic 105 listeners who called in and said times are tough and we should all tighten our belts.
A male caller Steve said he has nothing to look forward to “How can we celebrate Christmas when we are broke? Christmas day will be like any other day, it will be a normal day coz what about January 4th when schools open? Kukula ni siku moja, but January schools needs fees paid and books must be bought yet we have no money?

Another commented the same that “Maina you are talking like that because you are rich and don’t have family responsibilities liekethe rest of us. King’angi tell this gentleman hakuna pesa, hakun madoh bana. We won’t celebrate Christmas this timeround. We used to go to Mombasa, but now things are tough.  I lost my job in Mombasa after we were laid off and right now I’m trying to hustle in Meru as a boda boda”couple-christmas

Another listener called Jontes said “Maina has never had to take care of a family. Kingangi tell him are we thinking of Christmas or school fees? People are hustling for school fees but Maina is in his fancy car saying my boys and I. Yani uko na madoh, tellme do I make Christmas plans or wait for January where I will pay fees, for my kids? Maina you must get married to understand what stress we go through?

A woman begged Maina to make her happy by giving her one broiler/kienyeji that she can make for her neighbors. He obliged after she told him about his privileged

“Maina you can make people envious and jealous, you can make someone be given a ngeta juu ya wivu, you are going to America and making sound like you are going to town. Maina ati lazima uende America wacha kutukosesha amani, some of us just here about it, how can you tell us we are broke because we didn’t plan ourselves? I personally won’t celebrate, no one on our plot is going to ushago this time, buy us one kuku we put enough thufu, we eat this Christmas”

So Dear Classic fam, what are your plans in three weeks time?

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