Yvette Obura with her daughter Mueni Bahati

‘We have made it,’ Bahati’s baby Mama Yvette Obura celebrates daughter Mueni

Yvette Obura, the baby mama of singer Bahati has penned a heartwarming message to her daughter Mueni as she celebrates her fifth birthday.

The mother of one wished her daughter well and asked her to continue shining like the star she is.

Sharing photos of her daughter, Yvette wrote;

“May you forever sparkle and shine like the star that you are. May God protect you and keep you long enough for me.

We’ve made it to 5 mama.Happy birthday princess. I love you so much my Evey.”

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Yvette Obura with Mueni
Yvette Obura with Mueni

Early this year Yvette penned yet another letter to her daughter asking her to be prepared for trolls as she is already on the limelight because of her father’s celebrity status.

She urged Mueni to live by her standard and not what the world wants for her.

“One day you’ll be old enough to understand how the world works, You’ll understand the meaning of smiling to the world when your world is crumbling, You’ll understand that you don’t need to give explanations, You’ll understand to live according to your terms.”

“You’ll understand that you’ll never be beautiful in every eye, You’ll understand how to go through bullying and not defend yourself, You’ll understand that growing up is a big scam, You’ll understand to sit in a corner and sob, You’ll understand to go to bed and wake up with swollen eyes, it’s part of growing up, You’ll understand it’s okay not to be okay.”

Yvette further forewarned her daughter against the cruel world awaiting her.

“You’ll understand, even in your silence, you will still be castigated. But in all these mama, live your purpose. Be ugly, fat, thin, disabled but never forget to appreciate God for HIS doing. It’s a cruel world out here mama, people learnt to spread hate more than love without them thinking about other people’s emotions but it will always be you against the world.”

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