‘We go to shows to show of on social media!’ KOT reply to Taio’s twitter poll

In a poll put up by Matthew Wakhungu aka Taio Tweeter on twitter, Taio asked Kenyans what customers/fans go to live shows to do. According to the poll this what Kenyans had to say.


The Camp Mulla former member and now DJ, song writter and sound engineer, was taken by storm with the results and he took it to instagram to say,

The final results from yesterday’s poll. Interesting to see ‘show off on social media’ voted more than ‘discover new talent. I assumed ‘support favorite acts’ would score highest but on this.

How/when do we expect the industry to evolve if people are showing up for shows to experience the same roster of acts? And the impact of that on continuity, plus with lack of mentorship who really are tomorrow’s icons? Our industry remains dominated by adults (+30) who have put in work but ni ‘wasee tunajua’ with young ins fighting for scraps despite us being the biggest contributors.
Just food for thought 😏 again we are the solution 🇰🇪🎶 Thank you to all that voted!! Next poll is on Thursday. Spread the word. Asante! 🙏🏾”


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Taio is known to be very sensitive when it comes to the Kenyan music industry. He put up another poll recently asking KOT why most Kenyan music artistes were broke? Many people voted mediocre content as the reason why most Kenyan artistes were broke.



Taio took to Instagram to give his opinion and said,

“Here are the final results for the 2nd poll and it’s so encouraging to see more and more people participate. Asanteni! 🙏🏾

Mediocre content being voted as the reason most artists are broke will rub off on people in a certain way but let’s face the facts and rise to the challenge!”

It’s time to rethink our formulas and push the envelope sonically and visually both in recorded material and performance.

Don’t be discouraged, go back to your drawing boards. Like my coach Chris Kinuthia often says: “someone has your money”! But you don’t get big bags doing kawaida jobs. Push! ❤ 🇰🇪🎶”


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