‘We fought alot because of my pride’ Harmonizes ex shares


Harmonize has just dropped his album, Afro East and Jacqueline Wolper confessed that she is proud of the step he has taken because he is finally living his dream.

The two broke up in such a dramatic way and so they parted ways in bad blood but Wolper took this opportunity to try and mend fences.


“I take this opportunity to wish you all the best as you launch your new album. I remember it was your dream and you are finally living it. We have come from so far and we have gone through a lot. We have fought a lot all because of my pride but in all honesty, I am still really happy for you and the growth of your career. there is no relationship between you and I but I know we are suffering in different ways now that we do not talk.” Wolper posted

Wolper added that she reached out to Harmonize with no aim of trying to get Harmonize back or destroy his marriage with Sarah.

“I dare confess that I am in pain and I can not hide it anymore no matter how much I have tried to hide it. Only you Rajab and I know. On Instagram, they are out here trolling me on what I have posted. When I go behind closed doors, I am the one hurting and there is no one to help me😭🙏. In this message, I have no intention to interfere with your marriage with Sarah nor mine. I am just using my right of speech to address the issue that I wanted to address with you but I couldn’t because I was traveling.” She added

Over the weekend, Konde Boy launched his first Album dubbed #AFROEAST in an event that was graced by former Tanzania President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete as the guest of honor.

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