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We finally have an App to help calculate bride price in Kenya

Bride price also known as dowry is an amount of money or property given to the parent’s of a girl by the groom upon stating intention to marry their daughter. In some cultures the girl gives the dowry to the parents of the groom.

In Kenya bride price negotiations involve meetings laced with cultural rituals and visits to rural homes while trying to negotiate with the elders about the true value of the girl one is to marry. But now there is no need for all that hustle because there is an app that can actually calculate bride price called bride price Kenya.

The app contains different body features and a price tag attached to it. The body features include height, weight, leg shape, facial beauty, skin color, facial quality, education, cooking skills, employment, the derrière, teeth and residency.

The price ranges from as low as Sh -25,000 if you have bleached your skin to Sh 100,000 if you have a PHD. The app then issues you will the tallied bride price and also a certificate.

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