We feel inferior dating military girls –  Kenyan men confess



A cry for help from a women in the military to Maina Kageni to find a boyfriend elicited a heated discussion on Classic 105.

The woman, who is with the Kenya Defense Forces, told Maina in a letter that she is finding it difficult to date, because men are all afraid of female cops.

This lady sent a picture to me. She is beautiful and she was complaining that men keep away from her kind, she works in the defense forces and she says they are desperate for love, but hawakatiwi, and she wants to know what do Kenyan men want?

This perception was supported by men who called in saying they fear dating or even marrying Kenyan female cops.

Mwalimu gave his opinion saying ‘Weuh utanyoroshwa (you will get a beating) How do you shout at her and ask her to cook? Do you know what will happen to you, Mwalimu added

‘She won’t beat you’, Maina shouted at Kingangi to which he responded saying

‘She will, you will be embarrassed’  mwalimu insisted aiiiii.

So who is going to love them Maina asked the audience?

Here are the views of men who called in.


Maïna,,our men are cowards,,they can’t handle strong,rich and learned and beautiful women,no wonder akina vera,,anerlisa muigai,Sarah Hassan and others wameenda tz and SAfrica,,,


Try with your own risk


G3 AK47 M7 ain’t spoons Those people are so inhumane coz of the training they go through Never Never attempt to date them


Men fear marrying soldiers queens because they know they are disciplines & they can’t entertain them to do whatever they want, #kukaliwa chapo lazma upende usipende mkioana


Si she will be asking me for hongo in the house bedminton ikifika

wacha nikae bila bibi kama ni hao


This photo wraps it all Just imagine that vigorous training and you expect her to be submissive #MainaAndKingangi

Maina hao wanafaa kuoana wenyewe kwa wenyewe. Sometimes they are rough. unaimagine ukikuja nyumbani late itakua shida.”

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