‘We are pregnant’ Nasra and husband Rashid prank fans


Nasra and husband Rashid have jetted back to Nairobi after a baecation at the voyager Hotel.

The couple have dropped a video of a surprise announcing while they were there, revealing they found out two months ago, she is pregnant.

An excited Nasra also told that Rashid cried after the positive pregnancy test and is super anxious to meet their baby already. “so guys there is something that has made us very happy’

In their latest youtube video, the two reminisce on what kind of parents they will be, with Rashid telling Nasra that she is positively glowing as an expectant mum.
‘You are glowing’

To which she said ‘we are so excited like my god hata sijui tuanza vipi kumwambia manze thankyou guys for the prayers thank you to those wishing us the best, and I think your prayers have been answered, and we we are pregnant. Our first born is coming you guys, so guys we just found out like two months ago, a few that we found out. We are ready to be parents I think me I’m ready to be a mother’



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Actually it’s all a prank as they laughed at the end of the video saying people are putting too much pressure on them.

Nasra told people commenting about adding weight is not due to pregnancy but because she is happy in love.

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