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“We are perfectly happy to stay single” Women tell an excited Maina

On the Tuesday morning conversation April 13th, Maina happily set off a series of responses from woman after asking what is so bad about a woman chosing to stay single for life.

He was basing this question on a a thought by TerryAnne Chebet who shared that she is happily single.

He asked “There is something TerryAnne Chebet posted on Instagram and I think we need to discuss it ladies. This morning I want us to talk about women who have no interest in getting married whatsoever. There is an increasing number of women who are like this.”


A female caller agreed with TerryAnne saying “as much as being married is important, it isn’t a must because some people were made for this life, and others weren’t, just like others weren’t made to be mothers. Men have wrongfully made themselves out to be like our oxygen, mtu aishi maisha yake mwenye anajiskia kukaa single akae, mahali tutaulizwa tuu ni kwa mungu, hakuna mahali kwingine tutaulizwa”

Here are responses to the question on our Twitter page.
Not every woman is ready to become a wife and that’s her life!!We all make our own choices freely!

sometimes women opt to be single because of the ugly things they have gone through in these marriges… Let’s not be quick to judge #MainaAndKingangi

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Personally i would love to get married at some point in life….but the rules in marriage scares me away…. imagine doing laundry, catering services and cleaning fora stranger that you just met along life…..shaakaaaa am still thinking but am a good lady though

#MainaAndKingangi Marriage sucks… People are cheating in marriages. Its better to be yourself n enjoy your company. Nishachoka!

Nowadays unmarried women are the happiest and stress Free people ,to hell with this marriages

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