“We Are In Love And Happy”: MP’s Daughter And Her Muslim Lover Released After Al Shabaab Claims

How far would you go for love, more so if your father is against your relationship?

Erisiana Sabiri, 24, daughter of North Mugirango MP Charles Mong’are, was dragged to court last Friday with her boyfriend Ahmed Salim aftet they were arrested for allegedly having links to al-Shabaab.

She claimed her father colluded with police to frame her to frustrate her relationship.

“There is no issue of terrorism here. It is just an issue of parenting. I have decided to release the two respondents to their parents,” city magistrate Martha Motuko said on Monday.


The MP’s daughter and her Muslim boyfriend, have however been released without charges. Sabiri was taken to the ATPU from where her father was ordered to pick her.

Mongare’ had been asked to go to court in the morning to explain claims he colluded with police to frame his daughter but he did not show up.

After the couple was released, Salim said: “We are happy. We have been in remand since Thursday but this will not stop our love. We are in love and we have told court the same.”

The ICT student added: “I will go home and take a hot shower and probably take her her out to watch a movie. But I am afraid that once Sabiri is picked by her father, he will try to detain her.”


Salim said the MP tried forcing him to break up with Sabiri as a condition for dropping the charges he had raised against them.

The man said Mong’are made the proposition last Thursday when they were arrested but that Sabiria did not agree.

The magistrate, who had a private session with the couple, said the court treated the case as one against minors and advised that their parents advise the couple.

Sabiri and Salim will report to the ATPU once a week for the next month. They will not be allowed to leave the country before the period ends.

The case will be mentioned on June 21.


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