Reginald Mengi with his wife and kids in a past photo

‘We are chased away’ Late Tanzania mogul Reginald Mengi’s widow blocked from accessing grave

When Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi died, many assumed his widow K Lynn would be rich.

However almost a year after Reginald Mengi’s death, things seem to be tough for K Lynn.

She has spoken out on Twitter saying she has been denied access to his grave among other disputes.

Jacqueline Mengi 2

Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe-Mengi also known as K-Lynn is now revealing that things are not rosy.

Reginald Mengi didn’t leave anything for his young wife, Lynn!

reginald mengi twin sons and wife

She wrote

I have been quiet on so many things. You have reached the extent of blocking men and my sons from my husbands grave we are chased and told we have to seek permission before I am granted access. I am tired. I will not accept to see my children go through such mistreatment and I will not keep quiet.’ She ended.

Jacqueline, 39, was a  former model and fell in love with the billionaire in 2015. Some said she was with him because of the money, claims she denied.

Reginald Mengi reading a book with his wife Jacquline
Reginald Mengi reading a book with his wife Jacquline


In an interview with Clouds FM shortly after their wedding, she advised young people not to judge a suitor by his appearance or the size of his wallet.

“The mistake young people make is get into relationships for reasons other than love. They judge [people] depending on the size of the pocket or status. What they should keep in mind is that that person can have money today and lose it tomorrow.”

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