‘We all have mother’s, we were not picked from a shamba’ Women to men who have refused to detach from their mothers

The debate on whether men in their 30’s and 40’s should still live with their mothers has been rife, putting men and their wives at logger heads.

During yesterday’s Morning conversation on Classic 105, a majority of men made it clear that they cannot even fathom the thought of keeping away from their mothers.


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Here is what fans had to say on men who REFUSE to detach from their mothers

“Tell these ladies we are not compromising our love for them we just have set the majority of the love for our mothers. Just like as for our wives they have to earn the love.”

Another adds

“I love quoting the bible and clearly states that ‘A man shall leave his mother’ so hii tabia ya men wanting to stay with their mothers ni za watu wa Nairobi.

In the rural setting, young boys detach themselves from their mothers at a very young age by building a small house away from the mum.

I don’t know where this is coming from, hizi ni tabia za vijana wa Nairobi hii mambo ya cerelac and weetabix ndo inaleta all these things.”

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An agitated female fan called in, blasting men for thinking that they don’t have parents as well.

“Why do men feel like their mothers are perfect? No mother is perfect and don’t even forget even those wives have mothers as well. Or do you think the wives were harvested in a shamba like you would  harvest maize?

Men keep bragging about how their mothers cleaned them, breastfed them and did a whole list of things for them, it makes me wonder did they expect their fathers to breastfeed them?

A woman was ordained by God for this purpose so give us a break already.”



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