WCW! DOZ founder Kathy Kiuna is back in the country

Reverend Kathy Kiuna, who is branded the name ‘Mum’ by many, has managed to gain support from many women.

After 13 years of marriage, Wahu shares some relationship advice

She had recently traveled to Houston where she had a ‘ladies only’ conference to share some words of comfort, strength and hope.

On social media she shared some words of wisdom to her daughters.

“It’s never the other way around. I have seen many beautiful ladies that had no idea they were even beautiful. The enemy takes advantage of that ignorance and uses women as sex objects. Honey you are so much more. Know yourself and the world will recognize your worth.”

The founder of Daughters of Zion (Doz) is not only known for her piece of advice on relationships but she’s also a great mother to three children and a grandma to her daughters children.

She is back in Kenya and she continues with her mission and passion to bring women to the light.


“Daughters of Zion I am looking forward to seeing you this Saturday. I feel like it’s been forever and I have truly missed you. I am grateful to God for giving me an assignment for a woman and one changed woman means everything to me. The greatest discovery for any woman is to know who you are in God. When you are comfortable in your own skin and you have no point to prove, you are on the right track. Let’s meet at 1pm at Jcc parklands.”

Her fans and followers were excited and these are some of the comments they left under the comments section in her post.

Suzzie: Yeey!! Miss u see u on #saturday

Shamir: Woow… Finally….!!! Missed you big

Marieh: We miss you more mum

Phidym: I love you mum……you’ve taught me to love myself en others.

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