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Ways to maintain a positive social relationship with people

Why is it so hard for some people to socialize?

If you are having difficultly in connecting with people, here’s how to fix it:

Tokeo la picha la social relstionships

Listen to people

When you pay attention to what someone is saying, it shows that you think they are important. Stop interrupting the persons conversation, even if it is not beneficial to you. Attention can help you build good social relationships with people.

Be positive when around people

Always be positive when around people and support their vision. Never bring negativity when addressing someone or commenting on issues that are connected with the people you are associating with. This can include when talking about their goals and visions about life.

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Be confident

When you are confident with yourself, people will also be the same. They will feel free to tell you what they feel and always come to you for advise.

Make people feel comfortable around you

Create a good free environment for people to spend time with you. Be a jovial person and give people all reasons to spend more time with you. Be a source of happiness to people that they will always come to you when sad.

Tokeo la picha la making people comfortable around you

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Do not be so contented

Always be mindful about other people and their whereabouts. Avoid talking about your personal life to people each time you are with them. This may make people feel that you don’t mind about them at all hence will avoid you. Ask people how they are fairing and have an open forum.

Avoid telling lies

When you are full of lies people will have trust issues with you. Always tell the truth and be straight forward no matter the situation or how hard the truth might be. People will trust and that way confide in you.

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Greet people

Always greet people whenever you meet them. It is important to also master people’s names and titles.

Tokeo la picha la greet people

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