Ways to know your girlfriend is cheating


You have very slim chances of catching your girlfriend cheating on you. No lipstick stains on her collar. No lingering scents on her clothes. She’s ballsy and she knows how to cover her tracks. So the real question is whether you’ll ever get an opportunity to catch her red-handed in the act. Keep an eye out for these signs to find out if she could be cheating on you.

Be Keen
If you’re one of those guys, that acts only half-interested in your girl. You don’t remember her birthday. You can’t be bothered to find out her likes and dislikes because in your mind, she was created to serve you. It’s time to be keen and to keep an eye on her and what she likes doing in her free time.

No Longer Nags You
Typically, when one person starts cheating then it means that they’ve already checked out of their previous relationship. If she’s pulling away from you then she won’t care about any of the stunts that you pull on her. She’ll stop nagging you.

Better Dressing Sense
Your girlfriend could be the poster child for choosing comfort over design. She loves comfy t-shirts, blue jeans and sneakers. Nowadays, she looks different and she’s been experimenting with different looks for a while. Pastels. Crop Tops. Lipstick. Perfume.

More Personal Time
She’s starting to need more personal time so that she can pursue other interests. Your girlfriend only has 24 hours a day, just like everyone else. She already has tasks and expectations that are pulling her right, left and center. Thus, she needs to carve out time to meet him. To be with him. So, she’ll probably take on a new initiative, travel for work more often, spend more time meeting up with the girls. Of course, she’ll have less time to be with you.

Her lover finds her attractive, so obviously she’s learning to become more confident in herself. She may even have a glow around her. If you’re the guy, that never.

supported or encouraged her and preferred mocking or belittling her then just know that she found someone that appreciates her.

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