Ways to be a FOOTBALL girlfriend

Well ladies, I know the football season is here and you can no longer enjoy the dates, outings and attention you always get because the boyfriend, husband or partner is always busy going to watch the game. Now am here to save you from getting mad at him and threatening him because you feel he loves football and football is taking your attention and everything else that’s meant to be yours away from you.

Dating a football diehard fan means you have to negotiate a relationship around all the games. So since as ladies the bible and our society has called on us to submit, you will have to do so by;

1.) Show him that you care about what he cares about, and support him the whole way

I know this is not easy, but relationships come with sacrifices.The more you keep making those negative comments about his games, the less he will bother watching a single game from home. So please try and be positive and support his team. Don’t be nasty as to you loving a soap opera or reality show or inspirational stories is similar to him loving the foot ball match. Trust me once he knows you support him and he can enjoy a football match with you, he’ll consider watching a few matches in the house even when his friends think it’s not fun to watch football in the house and you will at least have his attention and company. So just try and not be mean and silly with your comments about football and you just might win a football girlfriend award and so much more.

2.) Participating at the game

Get the game schedule and make sure you have a history of the last game. I know it’s a lot of work, yeah? But you want the man, so again this is another sacrifice. Even if you have no idea, google can be your friend in finding out or get an app that can keep you up to date with the football matches scheduled for the week or month and since you know his favourite team, make a bet on it. Again second gold medal for the best football girlfriend will be awarded to you as you keep up to tabs with the next game and so he can count on you to talk about football games lined up.

3.) Watch the game while you are there

Well this is the hardest of them all but you need to do it otherwise the game will be boring when watched at home and Mister will end up going out to watch it which means you won’t have the company you need. Showing up is important, but you must be present too. Even if you start to get bored, do your best to watch the whole game. If he looks at you and sees you staring at your phone or talking the whole time, he won’t feel supported. If you have a hard time staying interested, listen to the announcer while you watch. They describe the main points of action, which helps you know what is important. Another way to stay interested is to pay attention to specific things, like the forward or striker, who makes the most tackles, or how long each play lasts.This is the only way you will earn your third gold medal as a football girlfriend.

4.) Ask him to invite his friend with their girlfriends over to watch the match

I know with them shouting and talking and making all manner of murmurs as the game continues can be boring, but you know what, that’s why you are the better half, so stop complaining and play your role in his life. You will have him watching the game where you can see him and it at times feels good to stare at him enjoy the game and see his baby side. Then you getting to meet the friends’ girlfriends can make you have fun doing your own girl stuff with them and so you won’t have to watch BORING football on that day. Especially if the girls are good company. After they all leave, you can earn yourself another football girlfriend award.

5.) Cheer up with him during games

Start by wearing a jersey with his favourite number on it and from his favourite team. You can even get two, his with your name on it and yours with his name on it. No one can celebrate his team with him better than you. If you can’t get or afford a jersey, paint his number or name on one of your t shirts with the team colors. Ask him to autograph the shirt and it will be the best jersey produced by the two of you. When cheering up since you don’t know what to say as you are still learning,yell things like, “Knock ’em down, or “Let’s go, Hector!”. Try and avoid screaming, you might scare him. You know us ladies can get so emotional thinking it’s a soap opera or reality show and put that same energy to football, well don’t. Your screaming can send him back to the bar or hall where football is fun and there are no women shouting as if it’s a horror or they are fighting.

6.) Get to know the other players in the game

I know most ladies know Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Diego Costa and the rest, I’m sure you know them. Well it’s time to up your game and know other players in his favourite team. Learn the names and positions of the starters, or the guys playing in the game, such as offense or defense. Yes it’s not an exam but you know again it’s a test you can take for the love of your life and score that goal for him girl. After this be sure that he will award you with the sixth gold medal of a football girlfriend and each time it’s the football season, you won’t have to worry about bae’s whereabouts as you will sort him out as he sorts you out and no relationship break ups because of football will be experienced.




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