Wavinya Ndeti shares new look that’s making mafisi ask for a date


Please gather round and prepare to be served the best fashion makeover look to date. This treat is courtesy of Kamba politician and her Gucci dress , which she wore recently.

Wavinya debuted the new look that set off a whole #Schmood for her fans.

The raving reviews were posted after her caption that read:

God Is Omnipotent When we understand that God, our Creator and Savior, is omnipotent, our chaotic and constantly changing world doesn’t seem quite so scary. No matter how vulnerable or ill-equipped we feel, no matter the challenges and problems we face,

we can rest in this truth: God is matchless in power, unconquerable, and always victorious.
With God, life is amazing. Research on the eagle then you will understand.
 Okay, let’s get this out of the way so we can try to move on with our lives.
Here is Gucci Wavinya

Here are reactions from her very impressed fans:

That’s gucci now

That outfit sio ya kubahatisha

married… she is so hot damn it!!!


Stunning mheshimiwa, praying for God to let me stay in such an environment…so relaxing

Ukiwa teenager ulipea akina mutiso na mutua wa masaku sleepless night

Wuueee beauty is beauty…


That’s a sweet 16 look mhesh. You’re blessed

Gucci..u don’t joke bana .weh!


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