Was Mariah Carey bullied into weight loss surgery by trolls?

While her weight has fluctuated over the years, Mariah Carey has always made the most of her figure.

So her fans were shocked when reports emerged this week that the singer had undergone weight loss surgery.

Now sources close to the megastar have shed light on how she is recovering from the reported gastric sleeve surgery, saying she is now ‘happy’.

‘She’s happy with this new chapter in her life,’ a source told Entertainment Tonight.

They said the decision to lose weight via surgery came after years of dieting by the star: ‘She always fluctuates and it makes her upset but it’s hard for her to manage.’

Mariah previously lost weight following the Jenny Craig diet plan, after the birth of her twins in 2011.

However, gastric sleeve surgery reduces the amount of food allowed into the stomach, making the patient feel fuller faster so that they consume less.

 Along with the drastic decision to undergo surgery, Mariah also recently parted ways with her manager of three years, Stella Bulochnikov.

Said the source: ‘Mariah is less stressed now.’

Earlier this week Page Six was first to claim that the 47-year-old underwent gastric sleeve surgery after being body-shamed.

The publication alleged that the Hero hitmaker had ‘became self-conscious about her curves’. 

According to Page Six, the All I Want For Christmas Is You songstress was first motivated to lose weight after noticing her extra pounds ‘made it harder to dance’.

Then she started ‘getting a lot more criticism online from body shamers.’

According to the publication’s source: ‘Mariah underwent the procedure about a month ago, and she is already seeing some good results, and she feels a lot better.’

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Here are reactions from social media users:

Andrea Al… It’s sad that someone at Mariah Carey’s level is so insecure that internet trolls can control her behavior. Maybe she should use some of her $$$ for counseling to improve her self esteem til she don’t care what people think.

Nadine Vincent …Whatever happened to “can’t take that away from me?” Not a fan of hers, personally, but to break someone’s spirit to the point of driving themselves to do drastic things … unreal and sad!

Thomas Hill.. I’m sorry but y’all can make up excuses for this chick all you want. Mariah Carey is just LAZY! If you are MAYBE 50 pounds overweight like she is and settle for gastric bypass instead of controlling how much food you shovel down your throat, you are in a sad state of being!

Latrice Foster… She’s never been fat, just heavier than her very young/former self…. She has always been obsessed with perfection…, something NO ONE can obtain..

Tom Levine.. Thats what it sounded like to me .that it sounded like a forced thing she did but also sounded like a rich life thing .u get fat no working out neccasary just get surgery

Karen Johnson.. She didn’t have to have weight loss surgery. She could have changed her diet and exercised like people who are not lazy.


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