Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha

‘I wanted to marry Tanasha 100%’ Diamond finally speaks on break up

Diamond Platnumz has given his side of the story on why he broke up with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna. Platnumz says that there was a lot of misunderstanding between himself and Tanasha in planning for their future.

He told Wasafi FM that;

“To be honest Tanasha and I are not together. There were things that were out of our ability so we decided to give each other space. We agreed as civilized people and it is not about me being caught cheating. That has never happened.”

He added that in the relationship with Tanasha, he was very settled and had set his mind on her

“That was one of the relationships that I was very calm. When I met Tanasha and started a relationship with her, I left behind a lot of immaturity. We sat down as a family and spoke about the future and we didn’t agree cause everyone wanted what they wanted, so there was a misunderstanding. If God has planned, we can go back together”

He went on to say that he wanted to marry Tanasha and was not a joke neither was it a stunt

“I wanted to marry Tanasha a hundred percent, one million percent. But maybe God has a plan, there are things why we didn’t get to the same page.”

The singer also confirmed that Tanasha had changed her religion to Islam

“We were in Kigoma when she became a Muslim and I told Ricardo Momo (a manger at WCB) that if he pushes her to do it, I’ll pay him. He didn’t force her but he taught her. When she came to me to tell me that she wanted to change I told her to go and think about it and come tell me so she told me that she was sure.”

Her new name is Aisha! Tanasha Donna confirms conversion to Islam

Speaking to True Love a few weeks ago, Tanasha said that he left Diamond because there was infidelity and his family was always having a say in their relationships.

The two had announced that they would get married on February 14th 2019, the exact date that Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz but in 2018. They later postponed it to late last year but didn’t happen.

Early this year, Tanasha a called it quits with the singer.

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