‘If you want a wife avoid a single mother’s daughter’ Shouts Kenyan man

The morning debate was based on why schools, land lords and the society as whole treat single mothers like outcasts without considering how one got there.

Maina Kageni was dumbfounded to learn not only do schools refuse to admit kids from single families, but landlords also refuse to rent such women houses.

This is sickening is this happening in Kenya? How do you even tell a parent you cant admit their kid because they are from a single family?

Why are we punishing because of their parents past.

This has to end because I would never want my child to be victimized because I am not with their mother.

‘Total discrimination’ Maina Kageni on schools that don’t admit students from single parent families

Another caller adds

I am a single mother and I have a daughter in high school and she is always at top 10.

Once a child is born it does not matter whether they come from a complete family or not.

People should stop judging kids based on whether their parents are married or not.

Another parent adds

There is nothing wrong with single mothers and society should withdraw the judgement, there are few with pride and bad characters but it shouldn’t be assumed that it is all of them.

Another says

A child who is used to seeing his/her mother bring different men to home will not grow to be a good person.

Men if you want a good wife, then you should avoid single mom’s daughter.

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