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Want to post a snap of your pregnancy on Instagram? Follow these rules


Pregnant and want the world to know and see your baby bump? Good.

Experts say there are basic rule you must follow, and one includes not showing us your swollen feet.

Pregnancy was previously considered a private, rather personal experience — not necessarily something you needed or wanted to hide, but not something you wanted to flaunt, either.

A woman basically had permission to eat, sleep and slob around in slippers as much — or as little — as she wanted. It was fine to get a little plump, a little fuzzy around the edges.

The entire process has become hideously judgmental from start to finish, from how much weight you may or may not gain, to how much exercise you do, how well you maintain your pelvic floor and, of course, the manner in which you give birth.

The fact is, pregnancy varies wildly from woman to woman. Some love it, some hate it, most of us are somewhere in-between.

But the one thing it should not be is a competition. And, in this selfie-obsessed age of ours, I’m afraid that’s exactly what it has become.

Here’s the advice to follow courtesy Dailymails Sarah Vine:

1. The rules of engagement are simple, but fiendish. First, you must be willing to subject practically every inch of your body to the unforgiving gaze of the high-resolution paparazzi lenses without betraying even the smallest pocket of additional adipose tissue or, heaven forfend, orange peel skin.

2. Your bump must be large enough to notice, but not so large as to seem vulgar. Every other part of your body must remain exactly as it was before you became pregnant.

Common side-effects of pregnancy, such as swollen ankles or fat arms, are a definite no-no, as is any kind of incremental circumference in the bottom department.

3. Above all, you must create an appearance of blissful joy and absolutely not betray any sense of hormone-induced hysteria or generalised baby-brain.


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