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Want to know when you will die? There’s an app for that

Apple’s HealthKit app is designed to help you get the most out of life by improving your well-being and fitness. But could it also be used to predict when you’ll die?

That’s what a new app called Deadline is claiming, saying the tech can be used to predict exactly when you’ll kick the bucket.

The morbid app uses a variety of data including your blood pressure, height and sleep pattern to come up with the prediction that is apparently accurate to the second.

‘You’re going to die. Sorry, we all do eventually,’ company Gist LLC writes on their iTunes page. The app costs £0.69 (Sh99) and is available now for Apple devices with iOS 8 or later.

‘But, what if you knew the date of your death?

‘Would it motivate you to be healthier?’

The company claims to use HealthKit data, in addition to a few questions about your life style, to give you an estimated time of death.

It pulls in a variety of information and tells you how long you’ve got to live in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Living a healthier lifestyle will apparently give you a longer life expectancy in the app.

And with Apple’s new notification system for iOS 8.1 the app will keep your ‘ticker’ updated on your home screen.

However, according to Gizmodo the app’s claims of being accurate are not entirely true, instead being just ‘a genetic algorithm that forecasts your death’.


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