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Want To Flirt? Here’s How To Turn It Up

Do you know how to flirt? Or would you like to turn up your flirting skills? Flirting is a way of communication to members of the opposite sex, however if not done correctly it will send the wrong message.

There are five ways of flirting,  Playful, Physical, Polite, Sincere, and Traditional. We all have all the five styles, but use only one or two dominant ones. Many people miss noticing when others are flirting with them due to miscommunication, playing hard to get and being “indirect”. Getting your signals mixed could often land you in awkward situations as you misinterprete someone who’s interested as not interested and vice versa.

For you to be good at flirting you need to be able to communicate clearly your interest or disinterest to someone and you also need to be able to read the same vibe from others. Here’s how to up your flirting skills and turn it up:

1) Practice feeling interested – Flirting is a skill that you either have or you don’t there’s no in between. Many people who know how to flirt failed at their previous attempts before they got it right. You can “feel interested” by accepting and being aware of feeling attracted or interested in someone and letting it affect how you act. Try this: let yourself feel interested in someone you don’t know and probably won’t see again. When you interact with an attractive cashier, barman, waiter, or even conductor take a moment and pause. Smile to yourself, and recognize that you are attracted to them. Then, for the rest of your meal, sale, or interaction, keep that recognition in your head. Embrace feeling interested.

2) Adopt an open mindset – Accept the possibility that someone you know is interested in you. Try imagining they are really interested in you. Accept that interest as if it were completely true. Be open to it. The consequences of this activity should be revelatory. How does that knowledge change you? What does it feel like to believe it? Once you can convince yourself through imagining their interest, you will be much more alert to what it feels like when it actually happens. It might have the happy consequence of finding a partner whose flirting style is more reserved, that is, someone who is switched off.

3) Watch carefully – Start being a people watcher. Notice how women flirt with men. Notice how men flirt with women. Watch couples interact at a bar and try to guess if they are on a first date or already in a relationship. Practice being more aware of flirting in general. People who are switched off lack awareness. They often complain that they are oblivious to the interest of others. By noticing it more in others, you will be less oblivious when it happens to you.


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