‘I want to strangle my cousin to death for killing my relatives!’ Baringo man cries

45-year old man in Baringo County is grieving after his cousin brother turned wild and killed his three family members at Kasawan village Tiaty Sub-county on Friday.

Loritamak Asimakok, survivor, wondered why his 28-year old cousin brother (suspect) Elijah Lodomo decided to swipe off his family in cold blood.

“We were asleep at the time when he stroked in shooting-to -kill every one of us in the house”, Asimakok said adding that he ran away so he escaped death narrowly.

He said while hiding in the a nearby bush, he heard his wife shouting once before lying dead after being shot thrice on the chest and head.

Asimok sheds tears for losing his 40-year old wife Chemket Loritamuk, his 13-year daughter Chebet Loritamuk, and his 33-year old uncle Kokwo Tepangura.

A 7-year old child was also injured but survived during the fatal attack.

“I thank God I am a live but I want the suspect brought to me I strangle him with my bare hands to death so I can feel relieved” the aggrieved man said while wiping his painful tears.

After committing the murder, the suspect reportedly fled and he later surrendered to Tot police station in the neighbouring Elgeyo-Marakwet County.

Police said investigation have been launched to ascertain the course of the heinous killing calling upon the residents to maintain clam.

-Joseph Kangogo

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