Tedd Josiah with his daughter

‘I wanna have a baby…’ Tedd Josiah leaks conversation with late wife, Reginah

Music producer and businessman Tedd Josiah has reminisced about a conversation he had with his late wife Reginah.

Reginah and Tedd were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Jay Wendo.

The mother of one died when their child was three months old, leaving Josiah to raise her alone.

Well, Reginah’s memories still live to date and Tedd said that his wife put off going to school just to have their daughter.

Regina desired to have a child then later go back to school while running her business on the side.

“I wanna have a baby, then go back to school and run my business, I might not want to study the same thing though, I might change it. Do you mind? Will you support me?” This was part of the conversation we had as mama shared her desires and dreams with me.”

Tedd Josiah with his late wife
Tedd Josiah with his late wife

He described the feeling deep down of seeing his wife’s dreams slowly come to be.

What tears him down is the fact that his wife can neither witness the success of the business nor the growth of their daughter, Wendo.

A daughter who takes so much after her mom, naturally, without any outside forces coming to play, he shares:

“Today as everyday I look at the little angel 👼🏼 she left and trust me it’s different when you’re a single parent and when you’re an only parent…… I wish her mama could see how much she brought a child who without being told is just panning out to become like her mama in so many ways.”

He added;

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“I wish she could see how her daughters eyes light up when she sees her mothers pictures. I wish on some days that she’d carry the burden with me of the baby and raising her of the business and raising it…. of life and walking it.”

In a past interview, Tedd said he is worried that his daughter will grow up and he will have the task of explaining to her what happened to her mum.

“She is going to be more of a lady and she is going to meet her friends in school, where she will wonder why she does not have a mum. It will be tough to explain. Also, you know mothers come with wisdom that fathers do not have,” he said.

check out the photos of Tedd with their daughter Jay;

Tedd Josiah with his daughter
Tedd Josiah with his daughter







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