Wamekosana!! King’ang’i threatens to leave the studio after Maina Kageni did this

Maina and King’ang’i’s breakfast show is always the way to start your day. It is always hot when it gets to the morning conversations everyday.

Well, today it was no different and the two presenters ‘disagreed’ as King’ang’i threatened to leave the studio.

Here is how it went down.

On Monday, a married man made his special confession on Classic 105 saying how he pampers his wife

When you get married the lady is not a maid, she is not a maid, you have to help each other.

‘I wash my wife’s underwear’ husband of seven years admits

He narrated how he helps his wife in doing house chores including washing the wife’s panties.

This husband goes above and beyond to help his wife relax after a long day at work.

“I am living in Thika and she works in Nairobi. . I call her when she is about to come home, and prepare salad for her to eat when she comes home. Then while she is eating the salad, I prepare her bath and I cook dinner.”

Well, Maina brought in the discussion today, but like any other day, King’ang’i disagreed saying,

“there are things that men are not supposed to do.”

‘I pamper my wife by preparing her bath everyday’ Man brags 

King’ang’i said that the last time he tried changing his daughter diapers, she could not walk and so will never do it again.

An agitated King’ang’i called that Umama.

“I can’t even do the laundry. There are things you need to stop after you get married. There are responsibilities you hand over to the wife. I cant iron, and that is why I tell you to marry, you have a big responsibility to take care of. Usijaribu kufanya tushikwe na UMAMA.”

King’ang’i added,

“Women are very bad, they get used to you doing housework and even write your name on the duty roaster and even visitors find you washing the house. If a man does that, that is Umama unless it is a surprise on a Sunday. Wacha apike hiyo mashakula. women stop cooking when they know you can cook, they come late ndio apate umepika.”

He went on to tell Maina that he is encouraging women to disobey their husbands.

“Stop that, wacha Maina, usiwai taka mzoeane it is not a good example,” he said.

When Maina insisted to know why it is wrong, King’ang’i threatened to leave the studio.

“I have told you to stop encouraging that as my friend or I walk out of this studio. You don’t teach them like that Maina! that is not being romantic,” he said

Maina then gave the listeners time to contribute to the discussion.

Dear Classic 105 fam, is it to much to ask a man to help with house chores?

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