Wako Na Roho Chafu? Sudi Boy blasts Gospel singers for clout chasing


Gospels artiste Ringtone has been stirring controversy for as long as we can remember, with his latest antics being unveiling Tiktok star Azziad as his ‘new catch’.

Turns out it was all for a music video which he dropped.

His penchant for stirring the pot has caught the attention of Mombasa based musician Sudi Boy, who dropped some words of advice.

Sudi believes these kind of people need to do some soul searching.

Sudi wrote

Kupost ngoma za gospel na mistari ya bible jumapili haitufanyi tusahau tabia zako upoooooooo


Although it could be taken as a dig at just about anyone, Sudi’s fans believe it is a timely message perhaps aimed at Ringtone.

Are they dating? Exclusive intimate photos of Ringtone and Azziad emerge

Ringtone with Azziad
Ringtone with Azziad

Other Gospel artistes who have been quite controversial over the past weeks are Bahati and his wife Diana. They have just about rubbed everyone the wrong way.

Click this link below to read their online drama,

Bahati mocked after video of him dancing in Diana’s dress emerges

and this could also be what Sudi Boy is referring to. Oh and let’s not forget our favorite boy Willy Paul.

Netizens in shock as Diana Marua carries Bahati on her back like a baby!

Bahati with Diana Marua
Bahati with Diana Marua

There is also Bahatis’ former signee Weezdom who quit gospel amidst much drama.

Anyho keep it Classic 105 for more moshene in these covid 19 times.

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