Waking up with a negative mindset can affect you for the rest of the day, research finds

At one point or another,everybody has days when they get up on the wrong side of the bed, feeling ready for the day to end before it has even begun.

And scientists say the old adage may have some truth in it.

Research shows people who are in a bad mood in the morning, struggle more throughout the day.


Those who expect to have a bad day from the start have worse brain function later in the afternoon, according to a study.

This reduces the brain’s working memory, making us more likely to make a mistake or struggle to focus.

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Scientists from Penn State University in Pennsylvania studied 240 adults and asked them to rate their stress levels throughout the day.

They were also asked to complete exercises to test their working memory.

Those who were most stressed in the morning performed worse on the working memory tests later in the afternoon.

000000000000People who said in the evening that they were stressed about the following day did not show the same decline in brain power if they were less stressed in the morning.

According to Daily Mail,the scientists now say there may be ways to stop people being as stressed in the morning, meaning they avoid the brain slump in the afternoon.

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