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‘Wait for me to die so my songs can trend,’ says singer Avril

Singer Avril says Kenyans show love to their artistes when they die.

Avril happened to release a song ‘Danger’ but in a day, the song had less than 1k likes.

Avril made a comeback to the music industry, with a new song ‘Danger’ after missing for close to a year.

However, Kenyans didn’t support her as expected because in 8 hrs the song had only 796 views on YouTube despite having over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and over 100k subscribers on YouTube.

Kenyan fashion designer, and stylist Nimrod Nick asked fans to support Avril.

“…you all need to give Avril her flowers bwana, you can’t just do Avril like that. She has a new song featuring Brandy Maina. Go check it out and support a girl bana. She gave you all hit songs kitambo.”

“Support her, she is the creme de la creme of our music industry. I know Avril will be back on her feet soon enough… I feel that motherhood came along and overwhelmed her because it is a whole job on its own. Please stream her music and support her”

Avril responded that her songs will trend after her death because that is the only way and time Kenyans support their artists.

She wrote;
“Don’t worry, when I die, the songs I’ve done over time will trend at least for a while. Maybe even get love. Never worry. Thank you for the post, the mockery and the love.”


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