Former cabinet secretary for devolution Ann Waiguru who was forced to step aside on allegations of corruption, has maintained a low profile weeks since her exit.

On Sunday however she gave an interview to Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed where she said that she doesn’t regret resigning as she had done her part during her two year tenure.

She further revealed that her net worth is Sh. 160 million inclusive of her home (currently under mortgage) and other properties with assets valued at Sh. 80 Million. She said she fell victim of personal attacks prior to resigning with some even prying into her family including her children.

EACC officers also conducted a raid at her home. Following that TV inteview, Kenyans had a lot to say and gave their comments via the hashtag #waigurufinallyspeaks which many saw as her chance to either admit guilt or claim innocence. Here are some of the comments.

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