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‘In Waiganjo, I have found a new son,’ Anne Waiguru’s mum praises soon to be son-in-law

Mother to Kirinyaga governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru has expressed her untold joy on the ongoing traditional wedding of her daughter.

Mary Nyamu said,

We have gathered here to witness these traditional ceremony between my daughter and Waiganjo.

As a family we have fully accepted Waiganjo especially myself as her mother.

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Anne is my third born.

I am happy because I was blessed with one son and now I have found another son in Waiganjo.

We have accepted him with both hands.

She adds,

Unless he wrongs us himself we will never wrong him in any way.

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Speaking about the event Waiguru’s older brother Michael Waiguru also expressed his joy adding that he couldn’t be happier.

We are very glad to be here its been a long journey .

It has been a long journey and Anne is the one who follows me. My siblings and I are all here today.

We are happy that they have made this decision and they have our blessings as a family and we wish them the best.

More photos from Anne Waiguru’s wedding to follow later.

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