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Wahu reveals the books that have inspired her successful 15-year marriage (exclusive).

Wahu Kagwi is a veteran of the Kenyan music industry. The gospel singer has seen it and done it all inspiring many young girls and women to strive for better in their lives.

She has been a great role model for many with her remarkable career and her blessed marriage showing that the oft-repeated phrase, “having it all” can indeed happen.

The singer who recently celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary was a candid interviewee, answering the first question I asked her about the book/books that had really helped her in her long marriage with Nameless?

She said that it was two books. 7 habits of highly effective people. 7 habits of highly effective families, the Bible and the power of a praying woman.”

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Nameless who had himself praised, “7 habits of highly effective people” in the past convinced his wife to read it, “He preached it like it was the Bible,” she giggled.

“It’s a really good book. This book is about being effective in every area of your life. I drew a lot of parallels with the Bible. There is a lot of content that mirrors the teachings of Christ in 7 habits.” she explained.

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And whose advice had really helped their marriage? Wahu stated that her older brother who was a motivational speaker was that person, saying;

“I can’t really say a couple. We have had friends that care and we’ve known them forever. They are good for bouncing off ideas. Of course, my brother who is a life coach. There are all these rules about not letting a family member be the person we go to but we told him to figure it out and deal with it. We told him that we liked him and that he should be balanced as he is my big brother.” she said as she laughed.

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