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After 13 years of marriage, Wahu shares some relationship advice

Songbird Wahu and her husband Nameless got married in 2005 making it 13 years of marriage till date.

They are without a doubt the longest lasting celebrity couple in Kenya.

‘In the situation where my husband was unwell, I went on my knees,’ confesses Wahu

Love is a beautiful thing and hard to find at the same time. It involves two soul mates who are in love and stand by each other no matter the circumstances.


Like every couple, Wahu and Nameless have had their ups and downs but they’ve made sure that it doesn’t come between them.

“One of the challenges marriages face is the Disney and they lived happily ever after fairytale which is great but we don’t understand the happily ever after comes with work.”

Here are four relationship advice she shared.

1. Understand each other. Relationship requires work.

2.Respecting each other. Nobody is better than the other in the relationship.Focus on the strengths and not the weaknesses.

3.Talk to each other about your fears, your concerns together learn to be vulnerable with each other

4.Be sincere to each other on the challenges you are facing, where you both at.

Wahu also said that she sees her husband as a running mate for life who support and build each other.


“For me I look at marriage as this is a running mate for life am here to help you fulfill your dreams and your purpose what role can i then play how to i help you achieve your goals and not always getting into each other hair and vice versa his role is to help me achieve my goals the best version of myself.”

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