Wahu with a new born

‘Wahu really pulled my hair during her labour pains’ Nameless shares

Kenya’s celebrated power couple Wahu and Nameless, and content creator Maureen Waititu marked The World Malaria Day with Mothers and their newborns.

This was at Pumwani Maternity and Mama Lucy Hospital in Nairobi where they donated Mortein Doom goodies.

The two hospitals benefited from the new initiative that seeks to enhance their knowledge on preventive measures of the killer diseases – Malaria.

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Nameless and Wahu
Nameless and Wahu

The awareness drive, which was rolled out at Pumwani and Mama Lucy hospital in Nairobi by Mortein Doom intends to reach to the more than 2500 Mothers who visit the health facilities.

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Going by a post on her Instagram page Wahu was smitten by the adorable babies at the hospital,who knows she might change her might about not wanting to give Tumiso and Nyakio a sibling.

Let me tell you about me and babies!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍!!!! I think that just about sums it up!!!

Had a lovely time bonding with new moms at #pumwanihospital and #mamalucykibakihospital earlier today today, as we spread some positive vibes in recognition of #worldmalariaday2019 

Oh! I totally fell in love!! 😍. Sad that the youngest are the most vulnerable to malaria. Mums

Wahu with a new born
Wahu with a new born

Please ensure your children under 5yrs sleep under a treated mosquito net. Pregnant moms….your immunity is slightly lower as you carry your precious baby. You too should sleep under a treated mosquito net. 
Lets kick malaria out of the 254 once and for all! 
Thank you #MorteinDoom for organizing the visit! #EndmalariaKe #worldmalariadayke #doom

Nameless says that visiting the ward reminded him of Wahu’s labour

Yesterday we marked world Malaria Day by visiting pumwani maternity hospital and Lucy Kibaki kayole hospital, and bonded with the new mothers and babies (manze it reminded me of the days Wahu was pulling my hair during her labour pains in hosi Bana 😤😝😳😳, anyway, that’s a story for another day) .

Wahu and Nameless
Wahu and Nameless

so we gifted the new mums with some gift hampers thanks to Mortein Doom that will help them protect themselves and their families from these ANNOYING mosquitoes when they get home from hospital.

Congrats to all the new mums we met jana, they say the service at Pumwani has really improved., 👍🏽👍🏽

Below are photos from the event.


Hello Sunshine,Wahu plays with a new born during the World Malaria Day
Image 5
Wahu enjoying a moment with a new born and the mum


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