Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace

Proud mother Wahu gushes about her daughter’s achievement

Wahu and her husband Nameless have been a positive influence in the lives of their two daughters and last week the public got to see it for themselves.

Her firstborn daughter Tumiso emerged top in a government-sponsored essay-writing competition about combating desertification.

Tumiso, Wahu's daughter
Tumiso, Wahu’s daughter

The competition was coordinated by the National Environment Management Authority and sponsored by the Environment ministry and Netfund.

The ministry awarded 12-year-old Tumiso with a trophy and a cash prize of Sh20,000 as Kenya marked the World Day to Combat Desertification in Makindu, Makueni county last week.

This has got Wahu brimming with pride and singing her daughter’s praises after the achievement. She told Word Is about her daughter’s win;

She entered an art competition for the environment and she won. She would also watch national geographical movies without anyone supervising when she was young, and she loves everything about conservation.

Nameless with his daughter Tumiso
Nameless with his daughter Tumiso

The gospel musician added that her daughter is self-driven and does not anyone to be told what to do. She said that the essay writing wasn’t the only thing that her daughter had been doing; Tumiso also takes part in tree-planting.

Wahu finished off by saying that they plan to open an account for her daughter and that the money Tumiso had won would be the first deposit in the account.

Wahu now
Wahu now

As far as I can glean from research, the name Tumiso has two meanings; 1. To God to be Praise, 2. Seriousness, thought, intuition, intent, and wisdom.

Considering how much stalk is put into finding a name for one’s child, I think the celeb couple got this one right.

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