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We got a wake-up call! Wahu says on serious risk of Nameless getting diabetes

Musician Wahu is one of the few celebs who not only have a great marriage, a great career, and a wonderful family. One of the reasons she is so successful in all these areas is her open communicative nature to not only those close to her but to the public.

She will share intimate details in her life that not only resonate with Kenyans but also endears her to them as a normal person who goes through the same things average people go through.

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Just recently, the “Sweet love” showed more of that side of her when she revealed that a random medical check-up with hubby gave them a wake-up call.

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She said that Nameless’ doctors had warned her husband that he risks getting diabetes if he won’t change his lifestyle.

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Writing on her Facebook page, Wahu urged fans to go for random check-ups and find out their health condition before it’s too late.

Today has been a wake-up call for us as a family. I am glad that we did a medical review, even if we were not in pain or discomfort. It is not easy to get into the habit of doing regular checkups as we are not cultured this way. There is not enough publicity around taking preventative measures for your health or prioritising a healthy lifestyle. The doctor told us that if hubby didn’t change a lot around his eating and fitness habits, in a few years we would be facing diabetes. Thank goodness we went. Thank goodness it is not too late.

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She said that from now, the couple will have to undergo a complete lifestyle change.

“You do not have to join a gym. Just walk or run. Drink your water guys and finally reduce on those processed foods. It is also more economical. If you have insurance, please check if it allows you to do an annual checkup. Take full advantage of this to know your health status,” she said.

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