Wacha Movie Iendelee! Vera Sidika Savagely Attacks Her Nigerian Ex Boyfriend For Giving Out False Information About Her (PHOTOS)

It looks like Vera Sidika’s woes with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Yommy Johns, are not over, as the two are still going after each other’s necks.

This time around, the bootylicious socialite is accusing the former lover of trying to use her name for fame, after she was tipped off that he was trying to get an interview with a Kenyan journalist, to give dirt about her.


Vera Sidika has been globe trotting in the last couple of weeks, after she exposed the violent Nigerian man, accusing him of beating her up, claims he vehemently denied.

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This came about after Nude photos of Vera were leaked online and from her side of the story, Yommy was the only one who was in possession of the pictures, allegations he still denied, saying that he never had her nudes.

Well, a few weeks on, and the two are back at their drama. Recently, Yommy was spotted with another Kenyan socialite by the name Bridget Achieng, while she was in Dubai for her birthday.


The Nairobi Diaries cast however made it clear that there’s nothing going on between them, after fans came out to attack her for sleeping with Vera’s ex.

Now, Vera has come to take shots and insult her ex-boyfriend after she found out that he tried to give a scoop about her to a Kenyan media personality but her friends informed her in advance.

We all know you want fame so bad you gotta dig it out by all means possible. Carry on! Don’t worry 1 day you’ll have your own name instead of walking in someone else’s shadow, carry on, continue lying.


Vera was so pissed off and went on to blast the flamboyant man; “I swear I’m just at the mall laughing so hard at all these lies and media is my friend, they will definitely call me and tell me coz I’m their Kenyan sister. Fame desperation in s real. I’m out here living lavish, catching flights, not feelings.”

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Check out the screenshots below as Vera goes in on her ex Nigerian boo.






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