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‘Stop telling lies’ Uhuru lookalike denies getting rewarded with car


Michael Njogo Gitonga, the man who looks like President Uhuru has denied he was rewarded with a flashy car, and pleaded with people to stop spreading rumors.

In an audio heard by Classic 105, Michael Njogo Gitonga said ‘waache kunongea uongo’.

He added that

‘Hello fellow Kenyans  hii story watu wanasema nimepewa gari hiyo ni uongo mtupu, I’m still in the house relaxing I am practicing social distancing and sanitizing. People should stop lying and say the truth. I am the real Michael Njogo Gitonga’

An amused Maina and King’ang’ said he should have just gone with the flow rather than deny.

ungeseme ulipewa gari tuongezee zawadi, what is wrong with this man Maina exclaimed, argh. 

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In an interview with Inooro Tv Michael said he lives in Umoja and is a father of three who works as a mason.

He spoke about how people mistake him for Uhuru and hides behind face masks because resident harass him for handlouts yet he is broke.

‘I cannot walk out of this estate without people asking me for handouts, I have suffered with this name, I’m confused as to why I look like President Kenyatta, it is very unusual,’.

He spoke about how his mother worked as a security guard in Gatundu, that KOT found very funny. He doesn’t know his father.

Said his mom wa was administration police onetime worked at gatundu police post, we are thinking the same Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
angela keddie..May b Uhuru Kuna shamba alilima mahaliRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing

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Asymptomatic Kiongos…
Uhuru was 15 years old when this guy was Born..Face with rolling eyesFace with rolling eyes
Charles MK..
He doesnt know his dad but he knows his late mother worked in Gatundu
He is the president’s look alike and his mother once worked at Gatundu, the homestead of the founding father? That’s interesting!!

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