Vivianne compares herself to American plus size singer Lizzo

Singer Vivianne has been in the US for two months where she is doing her musical tour. She is accompanied by her fiancé Sam West who is also her musical director and manager.

She recently posted on her Instagram of how people tell her she has bigger hips that are not proportional to the shape of her body.

She sought to compare herself to an upcoming American artiste named Lizzo, a plus size singer who impresses many fans with her positive body image. (See Lizzo below int he yellow dress)

Vivianne posing revealing her thighs

She continues by saying that Lizzo never cares about what people say about her bigger than life hips but she claims that her “hips” bother her for they get the attention that she doesn’t want.

She asked her followers whether they feel her? Her followers had a lot to say and she got so much criticism about the comment she made. When you compare yourself with a plus-size woman and you yourself ain’t one, then accept and wait for Kenyans to have a say or criticize you for whatever you put out to be consumed by your followers.

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These are some of the comments that were put out by her fans;


Tephgeorger: Lol which people…sijai skia😂😂😂

qahrren: Hmmm we only say about Vera not you 😎😎😎

favourokiri: @shiblai ako na miguu kondakonda I have seen her in person

ramah_rajab: ati many people😂😂😂 many people ni nani sasa😂😂

To a point, someone wrote to reduce the level of truthfulness that was being said on her timeline. The writer wrote, stl_ageya:@qahrren 🤣🤣🤣punguzeni ukweli

Having released her new single which was shot in the States, titled ‘Feel me’, may this be a move from the songstress to work with some of the A-listers in the music industry from America? We may have to wait and see as the songstress is rubbing shoulders with the right people and with Sam West behind her what can’t be done? Right?

From Kenya to the world!

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