I was not a virgin – Milly WaJesus admits as debate rages on the number of kids Kabi has

Popular YouTuber Milly WaJesus who is currently married to Kabi WaJesus, dropped a bombshell on her fans this week when she revealed that she hadn’t been a virgin when she met him.

Participating in the popular online True/False trend on IG Stories, a fan asked her if she broke her virginity meeting her hubby. “You broke your virginity before meeting Kabi?” the fan asked.

In her answer, Milly admitted that she was not a virgin disclosing that it happened in the most embarrassing way.

“Got so many of this. Unfortunately, it’s true, and it happened in the most embarrassing way ever. Maybe one day I will gather confidence to talk about it,” she said.

Another fan asked if she waited until marriage to get intimate and Milly responded confidently, “With my husband Kabi wa Jesus, yes.”

The couple got married in December 2017 and are blessed with a one-year-old son, Taji.

I tip my hat to her for her honesty. The reason this came as a surprise is that the two preach a Christian lifestyle and it is extremely rare for any Christian to reveal that they had slept with another before they got married.

While she might be coming clean on her past s3xual habits, there is a rumour doing the rounds that Kabi might have had a child before marrying Milly in 2017. Don’t forget that Kabi and Milly have a son together called Taji.

Netizens have gone deep into the recesses of his Instagram page and unearthed an image of a toddler on his page. The post was put up in the early days of Instagram, June 1st 2013 to be exact. Check it below:


Kabi still hasn’t addressed the issue yet and from his recent posts, he seems to be ignoring it entirely.

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