Viral Memes Of Ferdinand Waititu that have kept us entertained in 2018

Politicians can be entertaining but none surpasses Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

He is known for his comical nature and Kenyans can’t get enough of him.

We look at some of the viral memes created after some of his statements went south after all ‘kizungu ilikuja na meli’

1. Mafirifiri

This phrase made nominated MCA Njambi into an instant celebrity after she was caught on camera rebuking Nairobi county assembly speaker Beatrice Elachi

In the video, Ms Njambi was heard accusing Ms Elachi for attacking her and her colleagues with pepper spray after they had stormed her office in a bid to throw her out of her office, accusing her for mishandling tax payers money.

“How can you be a speaker, na unawekea MCA wako mapiripiri kwa macho… Si hiyo ni kirimino? (How can you be a speaker and spray pepper in your MCA’s eyes. Isn’t that criminal?”


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2. Riparian Land

Months ago the government via NEMA  issued orders to demolish buildings on riparian land and Governor Waititu would hear none of it.

He even suggested that instead of buildings being moved, the river should be moved instead. He said

“I do not support the issue of demolitions. If your building is close to a river, you should incur the costs of having the river moved a little further.

But demolishing a building is not a solution, honestly speaking. It is such a big loss.”

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Here are more of Waititu’s memes that will make your day







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