We blame Karen Nyamu more! Kenyans say in vote over video scandal with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu has managed to make herself and Samidoh the centre of attention this week. And this soon after the revelation that the musician had cheated on his wife and had had a baby with her.

The two soon apologized to Kenyans. But there is a fire still burning in Karen’s yard and it is entirely of her own making.

You see, since their apology, the politician has been making increasingly erratic comments and statements about relationships that showed she might still be stewing about how it all went down.

Kujeni muone Karen Nyamu inspecting her dowry (photo)

And many Kenyans indulged her antics for a while as they were entertaining, but the video she leaked early this week showing her and Samidoh having an intimate conversation, was a bridge too far for some.

It got so bad, that Maina’s morning conversation on Tuesday focused on women who refused to be left by the married men that they were dating.

She can even release a tape! Maina says about Karen Nyamu and Samidoh video scandal

But who was to blame for the video scandal? Was it entirely Karen’s fault or should Samidoh shoulder part of it?

Don’t forget that we only got to know that Samidoh and Karen had been an item when she shared a video of the singer playing with their new-born son, Sam Junior.

I don’t think Samidoh had endorsed the move at that time and Karen took the proactive step of letting the whole world know what they had done in secret.

So, we at Classic105 asked the audience who was more to blame? And drum roll please…Majority of Kenyans held Karen accountable. The results are below:

Karen Nyamu vs Samidoh
Karen Nyamu vs Samidoh

Read some of the comments from Kenyans who voted below:

I mean mimi sio celeb but kuna vitu zingine siwezi fanya… recording our dirty conversation aaaai.

Its showbiz. The more they trend, the more their ratings go up.

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