Pastor James Ng’ang’a releases new gospel banger (video)

Pastor James Ng’ang’a is a man who enjoys being in the limelight, a fact that he revels in with his theatrics. This year has seen him dominate the headlines as the most controversial pastor in this here Kenya.

But my article today isn’t about anything hysterical that he has done but for something fascinating. The controversial pastor this time round has a new song that he released on October 28th.

In an untitled song, the pastor speaks about how his mum introduced him to the church at a tender age and told him to always trust and serve God no matter what.

Pastor Ng'ang'a
Pastor Ng’ang’a

Pastor Ng’ang’a also speaks about his travels to Uganda searching for a job. ‘Maisha yangu iliharibika nikatamani kuenda Uganda, nilipofika Busia Kenya nilitaka kuenda Uganda,nilipofika Uganda nlitamani kuenda Nairobi, nilipofika Nairobi nilitamani kuona mama, nilipofika nyumbani kwetu nilitamani kuenda Nairobi,’ he sang.

Watch the song below:


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